This list includes 75 of the better books on sunken treasure and underwater archaeology (in the author's opinion).  Several of these books may be somewhat difficult to acquire, but the majority should be available in some edition by continually searching the Internet and used bookstores.

Blair, Clay Jr., Diving for Pleasure and Treasure  #C-1430

Bonifacio, Claudio, Galleons and Sunken Treasure  #C-1487

Burgess, Robert F. and Carl J. Clausen, Gold, Galleons & Archaeology  #C-1690

Burgess, Robert F., Sinkings, Salvages, and Shipwrecks  #C-1710

Burgess, Robert F., Sunken Treasure: Six Who Found Fortunes  #C-1720

Burgess, Robert F., They Found Treasure  #C-1730

Clarke, Arthur C. and Mike Wilson, The Treasure of the Great Reef  #C-2190

Crile, Jane and Barney Crile, Treasure Diving Holidays  #C-2480

Daley, Robert, Treasure  #C-2550

Doak, Wade, The Elingamite and its Treasure  #C-2780

Earle, Peter, The Wreck of the Almiranta  #C-2930

Edwards, Hugh, Dead Men's Silver  #C-2955

Edwards, Hugh, Islands of Angry Ghosts  #C-2970

Edwards, Hugh, Treasures of the Deep  #C-2990

Fismer, Carl & Sam Milner, Uncharted Waters - The Life and Times of Captain Fizz  #C-3152

Gordon, Keith, Deep Water Gold  #C-3558

Gore, Tommy, The Rainbow Chasers in the Great Florida Treasure Hunt  #C-3559

Grissim, John, The Lost Treasure of the Concepcion  #C-3650

Hatcher, Michael and Antony Thorncroft, The Nanking Cargo  #C-3880

Horner, Dave, Shipwreck – A Saga of Sea Tragedy and Sunken Treasure  #C-4090

Horner, Dave, Shipwrecks, Skin Divers, and Sunken Gold  #C-4100

Horner, Dave, The Treasure Galleons  #C-4110

Jessop, Keith, Goldfinder  #C-4290

Jones, Capt. Syd, Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon – A True Story  #C-4328

Karraker, Cyrus H., The Hispaniola Treasure  #C-4340

Kinder, Gary, Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea  #C-4400

Klare, Normand E., The Final Voyage of the Central America 1857  #C-4430

Latil, Pierre de and Jean Rivoire, Sunken Treasure  #C-4690

Link, Marion, Sea Diver - The Quest for History Under the Sea  #C-4810

Lyon, Eugene, The Search for the Atocha  #C-4900

Martin, Colin, Full Fathom Five - Wrecks of the Spanish Armada  #C-5060

Marx, Robert F., Always Another Adventure  #C-5140

Marx, Robert F. and Jenifer Marx, The Search for Sunken Treasure  #C-5270

Marx, Robert F., Still More Adventures  #C-5340

Mathewson, R. Duncan III, Treasure of the Atocha  #C-5490

McDonald, Kendall, The Wreck Detectives  #C-5580

Meylach, Martin and Charles Whited, Diving to a Flash of Gold  #C-5790

Molinari, Ronald E. and Theresa R., Following the Lure of the Galleon Treasures  #C-5809

Morris, Roland, Island Treasure  #C-5860

Peterson, Mendel, Funnel of Gold  #C-6230

Peterson, Mendel, History Under the Sea  #C-6240

Pickford, Nigel, The Legacy of the Tek Sing  #C-6280

Pickford, Nigel, Lost Treasure Ships of the Twentieth Century  #C-6290

Playford, Phillip, Carpet of Silver  #C-6330

Pope, Frank, Dragon Sea  #C-6388

Potter, John S. Jr., The Treasure Diver's Guide  #C-6400

Potter, John S. Jr., The Treasure Divers of Vigo Bay  #C-6410

Powers, Dennis M., Treasure Ship - The Legend and Legacy of the S.S. Brother Jonathan  #C-6418

Roden, Hans, Treasure Seekers  #C-6670

Sale, E.V., Kelly – The Adventurous Life of Kelly Tarlton  #C-6800

Scott, David, The Egypt's Gold  #C-6940

Scott, David, Seventy Fathoms Deep  #C-6950

Sebring, Thomas H., Treasure Tales – Shipwrecks & Salvage  #C-6980

Seliger, William Gene, Ilsa Muerto and the Treasures of the Consolation  #C-7130

Slack, Jack, Finders Losers - The Lucayan Treasure Find  #C-7130

Stenuit, Robert, Treasures of the Armada  #C-7410

Stirling, N.B., Treasure Under the Sea  #C-7440

Taylor, James, Gold from the Sea  #C-7580

Taylor, James, Spoils from the Sea  #C-7590

Thompson, Tommy, America's Lost Treasure  #C-7670

Trupp, Philip Z., Tracking Treasure  #C-7840

Tucker, Teddy, Treasure! – A Diver’s Life  #C-7850

Van der Molen, S.J., The Lutine Treasure  #C-7930

Vanderbilt II, Arthur T., Treasure Wreck - The Fortunes and Fate of the Pirate Ship Whydah  #C-7950

Volker, Roy and Dick Richmond, In the Wake of the Golden Galleons  #C-8000

Wagner, Kip and L.B. Taylor, Jr., Pieces of Eight  #C-8040

Watts Jr., Gordon Payne, Shipwrecked - Bermuda's Maritime Heritage  #C-8072

Weller, Bob "Frogfoot", The Dreamweaver  #C-8080

Weller, Robert "Frogfoot", Galleon Alley  #C-8100

Weller, Robert “Frogfoot”, Galleon Hunt  #C-8110

Weller, Robert "Frogfoot", Sunken Treasure on Florida Reefs  #C-8140

Weller, Robert “Frogfoot”, True Stories of Sunken Treasure  #C-8145

Wignall, Sydney, In Search of Spanish Treasure  #C-8190

Williams, Mark, Deep Sea Treasure  #C-8300

Williams, Mark, Sunken Treasure  #C-8310


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